Praise and Worship in Ministry to Our Children

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Moses told Pharaoh that the whole family, the whole society, all ages must be involved in worship (Ex 10:8-9). In light of this mandate, our goal at GCI Central Children‘s church is to help our children develop reverence, honour, and respect for God and enable them to come into God‘s presence through Worship. In our services, worship is not merely the ―preliminaries, or a filler activity. It is not performance or entertainment, and we do not just sing songs to keep the children occupied. But through Praise and Worship, we endeavour to get the hearts and minds of our children to open and be prepared like soil to receive the good seed of the Word of God. We also focus on training and raising future Praise and Worship Leaders and Musicians for our Adult services, something that we have successfully done over the years. We have been able to accomplish this through teaching and actively involving our children in leading praise and worship and playing of instruments during our Sunday School services. We have also in place a children‘s choir which provides an avenue for our children to exercise their God given talent all for the glory and honour of God.

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