There are many efforts being made in many countries to address the position of women in society. In many of these countries women do not have a voice and yet contribute a lot to the national economies. Notwithstanding that both men and women are all equal in creation. The Bible says ―so God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

The creation of the woman was not an after-thought. It was a deliberate plan in the mind of God to create the woman to fulfill a specific task besides complimenting the man in her life. In the traditional society these tasks were relegated to those of the household and domestic chores. All over the world this has been the norm and sadly, this thinking still prevails. In fact some women have resigned to believing that this is true for them. Further still, this notion of thinking has been spiritualized to condemn sisters to the peripheral roles in the church and ministry.

If the 21st century woman has to actualize her full potential and accomplish her God-given assignment by utilizing her natural talents and spiritual gifting, she will need to break loose from the peripheral thinking of functioning at the subordinate level to men. There are great women in the Bible who respectively fulfilled their cultural mandate of performing their traditionally assigned roles but also responded to God‘s call on their lives to fulfill a divine assignment. Talk of the Hebrew mid-wives in Egypt at the time Moses was born and pharaoh was killing baby boys. How about Miriam the worshiper, Deborah the judge in a male dominated society, Jael who slayed and failed a great army general – Sisera, Ruth, Esther and many others in the Old Testament. The New Testament is filled with many great a women too. Mary the mother of Jesus, Priscilla complimentary bible teacher to her husband Aquila. Lydia the great business lady and Tabitha the social worker who cared for the poor and needy in the community. These women had not only secured their position in society, they had also appropriated their niche in ministry and went on to fulfill God‘s calling on their life.

How about the 21st century woman of today in the church. How can she operate under the power of the Holy Spirit to realize and fulfill her divine calling and mandate? Women of Integrity (WOI) Conference is here to equip women in church and society to realize their calling and ministry in church and society. With WOI annual conference beginning on August 24th to 27th 2016, those who will attend will encounter God in a way like never before. This will be the time when God will reveal Himself to you through His spoken Word by His servants. At this time it will be your Shiloh. At Shiloh God revealed Himself through his Word by using His prophet Samuel – ―… the Lord revealed Himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the Lord (1 Samuel 3:21). From this conference I see many women and men (men who will attend) receiving direction for ministry in their lives. Some called to 5-fold minis-tries, others with a call to big business that will support ministries, still others to hold high positions in government and corporate organizations.

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