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Nehemiah 6:3

so I sent messengers to them with this reply: “I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and go.

Nehemiah was in-charge of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. To realize his goal he had to stand up to the violent threats of the enemy. When he was getting close to meeting his objective he faced opposition. At this point the walls are up but the gates needed repairs. Sanballat, Tobias and Geshem the Arab, are getting worried because they see rebuilding of Jerusalem as threat to their own power in the region. They had tried many methods to stop the work and then they realized that it all hinged on Nehemiah and invited him down to the valley.

Nehemiah responded “I am carrying a great project and cannot go down”. There were all sorts of things distracting Nehemiah from the work he knew God was calling him to do. But when distractions came, Nehemiah was steadfast because he had a clear vision for his call.
Like Nehemiah, ladies we have a mission to fulfill. God has placed before us opportunities and responsibilities that we cannot afford to abandon. Let us not be distracted and come off the wall. If Nehemiah had come off the wall he would have been killed. Be focused of doing the great job and not coming down. In your families, church (GCI), ministry (WOI) or workplace – you are doing a great work. God is doing a great thing through you, God has positioned you in that project/ministry for a purpose at a time such as this. Coming down is risky, it can compromise and halt the work of God. Keep doing that work until it is done.

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