Royal Sisters

I joined Nairobi Gospel Centre (now GCI) 24 years ago and joined the sisters’ ministry and in its early stages, I was the sisters’ leader and even traveled with the General Overseer for GCI ministry to India in that capacity to do ministry to the Kenyan sisters in India. The ministry of sisters has transformed my life and made me stronger and when Mama Nelly Mulema started the Women of Integrity I supported her as I know the impact it would have in changing the lives of women.

My character, ministry and service to God have changed for better because of the teachings I have received under this ministry – thank you mama Nelly. The ministry of GCI has also developed me as a person and looking back when I joined in 1993, I can say I have grown in ways I could never imagine – thank you GO Charles Mulema, you are a true servant of God. Pastor Simon has prayed with me and taught me spiritual warfare in some of my difficult moments in the years past.

My husband (Rev. Titus Katembu) and I opened the first branch of GCI in Utawala, which has been there for over five years now and over the years several ministries have come up well and been strongly supported by the church. Having been mentored under the Women of Integrity ministry, I had to quickly mobilize sisters and transfer some of the skills and lessons learnt to the new group of sisters in Utawala and the Royal Sisters (ROSI) ministry was born. This ministry is anchored under

1 Peter 2:9

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, …..”

to encourage sisters and to know they are special in the eyes of God and you can grow and be what you desire to be. Over the years this ministry has empowered sisters and it is amazing to see how God has worked in their lives, they have changed and they continue to change spiritually, physically and economically for better, they are being transformed day by day and I am learning a lot from them as I strive to be a role model for them.

The Royal Sisters have been a blessing to the church in many ways, they celebrate the births of new babies, stand with each other during times of celebrations and mourning and to cap it all, ROSI sponsors a cup of tea for everyone on Sundays and this has contributed to more fellowship and love in the church. From experience in GCI Central and now in GCI Utawala, my husband and I have concluded that the ministry of sisters cannot be ignored, it is very crucial in the success of any ministry and I would encourage sisters to actively support the work of God and enhance unity in church.

God bless you.

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