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Towards the end of 2016, as sisters’ leaders, we began to have an impression on how we can enhance ministry to the sisters. We needed to take into account the surging numbers of women in terms of having effective and personal touch with them hence the idea of splitting the ministry into smaller groups.

Background Information

Women ministry can be both an exciting and challenging ministry depending on the approach. Evidence shows that women have need to be evangelized and discipled. They want to grow in their spiritual lives and bring impact to their families and community at large. The second need that women have is need for other women. God created us to be social and being with other Christian women is biblical. The way to do this is to provide an organized and structured social platform that has forums where women come together and connect with each other.

Therefore the women ministry deems it possible to make better use of social platform in connecting with women heart to heart for effective and efficient ministry. The rationale being nearly every woman owns a smart phone.

To grow the GCI woman holistically for example spiritually, socially, economically and leadership


  • Evangelize and grow spiritual lives of women
  • Mentorship of women
  • Enhance heart to heart fellowship with women
  • Meet the social needs of women

Model of Operation

This biblical model of splitting the women into the Whatsapp platform is adapted from the book of Deuteronomy 1:9-18 and 1 Samuel 29: 1-2:

  • Each group will have a minimum of 40 women
  • Each group is developed alphabetically from the church membership list for women
  • Each group shall be led by a pastor’s wife/ elder’s wife/ deacon’s wife as the spiritual director
  • Each group in addition to the above leader shall be coordinated by a sister’s leader and a records personnel.
  • Each group will be further subdivided into tens with its leader. This will enhance efficiency and effectiveness

Effective: Adequate to achieve a purpose; producing the intended expected result (This is about doing the right things)

Efficient: Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort (doing things right)

Group Functions

  • Organize for group meetings (retreats, bible study, prayer meetings). The sisters leadership will provide directions
  • Meet group member’s needs (prayer and encouragement for members who may be in need, members visitation)
  • Each group shall be responsible as allocated by the sisters leadership in conducting monthly meetings
  • Have one day in a week “dabbed” market day where women who are in business can post their items for sensitization of what they sell
  • Each group to come up with a community activity that touches the needy and make visits at least two times in a year. This could include visits to prisons, elderly peoples’ homes, orphanage homes, hospitals etc

Organization structure

Jesus had a plan and strategy that needed 12 men to deliver. We therefore as a ministry are using the same model. We disciple leaders who then disciple the other women for Jesus Christ hence having a wider scope of coverage.

Terms of Reference for WhatsApp groups

  1. Content: This social platform is a connect platform for all members so we need to be deliberate on the content such as limiting the forwards. This helps in minimizing unnecessary messages and helps us to capture key info.
  2. Support: Members of the group should endeavor to be a support network to group members whenever members have issues facing them. Members are free to post and sometimes in case of sensitive issues, talk to the spiritual leader or any other leader for support.
  3. Respect & Sensitivity to authority and to one another: There shall be high level respect to our leaders and amongst members of the group. In case one gets offended by a particular message or a thought on the platform, they should feel free to speak to any leader on the group without making it public.
  4. Every member of the group shall endeavor to know others in their group.

We encourage every group to come up with a name which they identify with/be identified with.

We shall hold a meeting for all groups bi-annually to evaluate group activities and fellowship with one another

GCI Central women Ministry Whatsapp Group’s and leadership

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